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Vine Garden is a global skincare brand serving men and women around the world. Presenting a wide range of skin care products.

This project includes work and furniture, made of MDF with oak veneer, and tubular structures finished in electrostatic paint. In the work, complete works were carried out from decoration, floors, walls, electricity, voice and data security cameras, artificial foliage, audio speakers to placement of printed vinyl. Project carried out in an area of ​​50m2.

A suitable facade that captures attention in a matter of seconds and projects the personality of Vine Garden. Attract the customer with a unique, original and compelling idea. To this end, interior decorators pamper every last detail to establish a common thread when it comes to enhancing the decoration of the store. And, it is essential that all potential aspects, such as the color of the walls, the accessories, the lighting or the aroma, revolve around the same exhibition concept as the rest of the elements, so every corner of your store it must communicate the essence of your products, therefore, relying on commercial interior design to attract customer attention.