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One of the sectors that has been growing the most in recent years is the perfumery and cosmetics sector. It is a ‘sister’ industry to fashion since it falls within the lifestyle category.

Earth, a natural and sophisticated project in cold tones and fine and sophisticated natural finishes, in which we participate in the design, production and manufacture of furniture and work. This project included the manufacture of furniture with curved finishes and concrete-look plastic laminates and solid surface covers, acrylic boxes with LED luminaires, curved glass canopies and tempered glass painted with gradients, and displays with glossy SPEC aluminum finishes with logos.

In recent years, many indie brands have appeared with innovative ideas within all categories of the beauty segment. From make-up to personal care, closely linked to the evolution of consumer tastes, various lines of natural or organic and personalized cosmetics have been created.

The cosmetics and beauty industry are an interesting example to follow and take as a source of strategic inspiration for fashion. Not only because of the proximity of the consumer, who shares motivations in terms of lifestyle, but also because of the strategic commitment of beauty to tools and tactics that help in their growth and change.

This 50m2 project is currently present in airports in different countries in Asia, Europe and America.