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A North American company located in Miami, providing specialized cleaning, repair, restoration and customization services for most premium sneakers and high-quality leather goods, including select men’s and women’s shoes, handbags and leather apparel

The Cobblers sparks a new cultural movement by allowing you to replace the manufacturers ‘old-fashioned and dusty linear approach of’ Make, Use and Dispose of ‘with a more thoughtful and cyclical’ up cycle ‘approach, so that you can’ Preserve, Personalize, Restore and reuse ”two of your most precious and self-defined accessories: your footwear and your bags.

A joint project with our business partner in Miami Florida, MELON DESING + PRODUCTION, this project represented for Karpen a lot of effort, dedication and teamwork, the use of various materials such as plastic laminate, finished with aged grooves giving the appearance of staves, varnish finishes, metals painting with varnish matched to the sample provided by the customer, metal covers, metal tables, acrylics with 5500 led light, UL led sources, shelves with ultra-clear tempered glass, specially manufactured zippers and brackets . Thus, the leather upholstery on the kiosk armchairs and stools, solid surface on kiosk covers and exhibition furniture, laser engraved logos, solid surface logos and metal logos were pampered.