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The Armani team is among the world’s leading fashion and luxury companies. A/X is a brand focused on clothing with an urban style, especially on t-shirts, jeans, polo shirts and sports jackets. A range of exquisite retail furniture, which shares the philosophy of industrial design, providing elegance, essentiality, and simplicity.

Corners located within Palacio de Hierro Querétaro, Monterrey and Puebla, one of the most prestigious stores in the country. The manufacturing project was considered a challenge since it includes an extensive combination of diverse materials, many of which were tropicalized in Mmexico and many others imported. The counter’s design included imported plastic laminate panels and shelves, as well as custom-made metal hangers, metal brackets and zippers with specially made dies, and varnished furniture. All this within a 20m2 exhibition space.

Industrial style refers to the decadent style that emerged in the 1950s in new york city, in industrial areas filled with disused factories and warehouses. These places were initially rented to people who did not have many resources but who found in it an inspiring charm, such as artists and students, who established themselves in these factories as work and living spaces. One of the best-known lofts that made this aesthetic related to a lifestyle even more fashionable was the factory: the workshop and home of the famous artist Andy Warhol.

As for contemporary industrial furniture, they are usually pieces with great personality, some with a rough and even semi-finished appearance. Materials such as wrought iron, rustic-looking wood, veneer and leather upholstery predominate. The range of colors is made up of grays, browns, coppery tones and black, although more vivid colors such as red or yellow have been introduced.